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Almighty Thor
R2 (PAL) DVD (New/Sealed) 3.99
Starring: Richard Grieco, Patricia Velasquez, Kevin Nash
Director: Christopher Ray
Amityville 3
R2 (PAL) DVD (New/Sealed) 3.99
Starring: Tony Roberts, Tess Harper, Robert Joy, Meg Ryan, John Beal
Director: Richard Fleischer
Cellar Door
R2 (PAL) DVD (New/Sealed) 3.99
Starring: James DuMont, Michelle Tomlinson, Melina Bielefelt
Director: Matt Zettell
Creature of the Sunny Side Up Trailer Park
As 'Creature' R2 (PAL) DVD 3.99
Starring: Fort Atkinson, Lynda Carter, Stephanie Dees, Frank Gorshin
Director: Christopher Coppola
Exit Humanity
R2 (PAL) DVD (New/Sealed) 3.99
Starring: Brian Cox, Mark Gibson, Dee Wallace
Director: John Geddes
Second Coming
R2 (PAL) DVD (New/Sealed) 3.99
Starring: Ruben Aleman, Haley Boyle, Michael Ray Davis
Director: Jose Zambrano Cassella
R2 (PAL) DVD (New/Sealed) 4.99
Starring: Sarah Joslyn Crowder, Tony Curtis Blondell, Kieran Keller
Director: Maurice Devereaux
R2 (PAL) DVD 2.99
Starring: Nick Chinlund, Erin Karpluk, Barry Corbin
Director: Steven R. Monroe
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